How and Why Helmets Work to Keep You Safe

Not all helmets work the same way. Playing football does not require the same protection as riding your motorcycle, so the helmets have to do different things. Your motorcycle helmet is extremely specialized and technical. This isn’t just hard plastic and a cushion. It is freaking science y’all!
There are a few components that work in cohesion to keep your dome safe. Check it out:
1. The Outer Shell
This is the most obvious part of the protection. There are different types of materials like polycarbonate that are used to make a great outer shell. It is designed to actually compress when it makes hard impact. This makes all of that intense force that was headed to your noggin disperse and hit you with less force. This is just part of it/
2. The Liner
The liner is right inside the shell and is usually made of a Styrofoam type material. This layer is super thick and absorbs the shock and reduces impact as your head tries to keep moving when the helmet comes to a stop. This works in conjunction with the shell to absorb impact that was headed for your brain. This greatly reduces the odds of receiving brain damage in an accident. Some of these helmets might even crack or break when they hit hard enough. Don’t freak out! That is what they are supposed to do in order to reduce impact.
3. Comfort Padding
This is the nice, soft, foam and smooth cloth that rubs nicely against your head. It keeps you comfy and keeps the helmet on your head nice and tight. This is a nice feature.
4. The Chin Strap
This is an important final piece. Without a chin strap, your helmet would fly off in a crash. Be sure to keep it on nice and tight all the time. Make sure to fasten it properly every sing time you ride.
So there you go. That is all the sweet technical stuff that your helmet does to keep you from getting your dome rocked. The next time you strap up, you will realize that a tone of research went in to keeping you completely safe as you enjoy your ride!