Make Sure Your Helmet Fits

A huge part of wearing a helmet is making sure that you get the right fit. There is no way to keep completely safe with a helmet that is not a perfect fit. It is much more technical than a simple match to your hat size or guessing small or large. Your head is unique, and while hat size can help get you started, your helmet is more specific. Usually try a smaller size, similar to a football helmet, and give it time to adjust to your head.
There are a few helmet sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. These may get confusing so you might want to get help from the maker of the helmet to compare to your head size. Different makes and models fit differently.
When choosing your helmet, be sure to try it on properly. Put your thumbs inside the straps, balance the helmet on your fingers, spread the sides apart and slide it down over the top of your head. Many times your helmet will feel quite tight until it adjusts to your head. Do not switch to a bigger size until you are sure that your helmet truly does not fit. If you get a helmet that is too big it could move when you need it most and leave you vulnerable. A proper fit is also important for making sure that you reduce noise that can be a distraction.
Helmet size is key to your safety, so try these few checks before you pick one.
• Make sure the pads touch your cheek without pressing too tight.
• Check that there are no gaps between your forehead and the pads.
• If it has a neck roll, make sure that doesn’t create a gap.
• Basically, make sure there isn’t a gap that will leave you vulnerable
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Stay safe fellow riders!