Keeping Up with Your Helmet

A huge part of helmet safety is upkeep. You need to make sure to take care of your helmet to keep it in great condition. Wear and tear on a helmet could make it less effective and leave you open to a nasty head injury. So what should you do to keep it safe?
1. Follow the care instructions
The manufacturer of the helmet gives care instructions, so follow them. Only use mild soap and only as recommended. Do not use cleaners that have a petroleum base. This is extremely important if you have a polycarbonate helmet. The inside could deteriorate if exposed to harsh cleaners.
2. Keep the vision clear
Use a mild soap and warm water. Get a soft cloth and work hard to keep it from getting scratched. If you do get scratches on your face shield, then replace it. Vision is key to safety, you must properly clean your face shield to keep vision clear, especially at night.
Helmets may seem indestructible but they should be handled with care. Do not drop your helmet on concrete or other hard surfaces. This could severely screw up your helmet and affect its impact absorption ability. That is its primary function, so handle with extreme care!
Those are just a few tips for keeping your helmet clean and safe. Your helmet is the most important safety feature you have when riding a bike, so treat it like the friend that it is.

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