Helmets for the savvy buyer

When riding motorcycles, riders must consider the importance of their safety gear. The most important thing to have for anyone riding on two wheels is a motorcycle helmet. Many new riders don’t anticipate accidents and will look for a cheap and fast solution for their head protection. In many ways, purchasing riding gear, such as the helmet, can be compared to appliance repair and appliance shopping. For example, there is a risk in not buying new equipment. Just like a used refrigerator may need appliance repair or does not have a warranty or guarantee, a used helmet can have this same problem. The padding and shell of the helmet is typically made to withstand a single use accident, followed by replacement. In addition to the effects of motorcycle accidents, helmets also deteriorate over time. Glues, residues, hair oils, and even some atmosphere exposure can lead to wear and tear. Purchasing new will help eliminate the risk of product malfunction, the need for appliance repair and ensure maximum effectiveness. Another correlation between helmets and appliances are the innovative and developing technologies that are implemented into the product to improve the quality and safety benefits. Some appliances meet special needs of the buyer, for example a commercial deep freezer could be appropriate in a restaurant, while a small family requires much less space. Identifying your needs will be the first step to finding the right helmet and other road gear. Many helmets have features that could improve the riding experience. For example, Bluetooth technologies and phone connectivity is a great feature in newer helmets, but may not be necessary for all riders. Also, when purchasing a helmet always do a preliminary fitting test; this includes being able to move the head side to side and a secure fastening. Just like when buying or repairing other appliances, make sure the product or service can be used for its intended purpose.