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Motorcycle Helmets and the Law

All over the world, helmet laws for motorcycles are put in place. The primary reason for these statutes is to protect motorcycle riders and passengers as they navigate the highways and byways.

Though many laws are in place regarding helmet laws, it seems that many riders choose not to follow the laws. One reason many give for not following the laws is because they believe they are ineffective. Others decide to disregard the laws merely because they see others not doing so. They prefer to conform to what they believe is best.

To keep current with the changing times, many countries tend to change their laws regularly. Many laws regarding helmet use are based on the people living in the area the laws will affect. There are many universal helmet laws that should be followed by anyone riding a motorcycle, though.

Helmet Laws You Should Always Follow

Though helmet laws around the world are different, there are a few laws that you should always follow any time you ride a motorcycle as the driver or passenger:

  • Only use motorcycle helmets that are DOT approved: using an unapproved helmet is risky for riding on a motorcycle. Helmets that are not DOT approved often will not protect you in the case of an accident. Never use an ATV helmet while on a motorcycle.
  • Ensure motorcycle passengers wear a helmet: the driver and the passenger should always wear a DOT approved helmet while on a motorcycle. Both take the same risk on the motorcycle and should be protected from head injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Everyone should wear a helmet that fits: too often, children and other riders with a small head wear helmets that do not fit properly. To adequately protect the head, the helmet should fit snug on any rider.

Though many places may not have laws about wearing helmets on a motorcycle, it is important to do so for the safety of the driver and any passengers.

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Why You Should Consider a Bluetooth Helmet

There are many reasons you should consider purchasing a Bluetooth helmet. The main one, though, is that it makes your life on a motorcycle easier. It is simpler to stay connected to friends and family members, as well as other riders, with a modern helmet that incorporates the Bluetooth feature. With these helmets, you can also listen to your GPS or enjoy your favorite music. Below are some advantages of a Bluetooth helmet:

  • Keep in touch with loved ones: the technology in a Bluetooth helmet allows you to connect wirelessly to any cell phone, as well as any other riders nearby, with an integrated microphone. This frees your hands up to drive safely while making it easy to make and receive calls.
  • Easy to get where you need to be: the capability of using GPS navigation with a Bluetooth helmet is highly convenient when you are unsure of where to go. You will no longer have to pull over on the side of the road to ask for directions. Instead, the GPS will inform you of every turn you need to take. Some GPS devices even allow you to activate the system through your voice, a convenient feature for anyone likely to get stranded. Towing companies in NJ use this same technology in their trucks.
  • Enjoy your ride with your favorite music: with a conventional helmet, you can enjoy your music, but you are usually required to purchase an additional radio device to do so. The noise surrounding you on the motorcycle from the wind, the road, and other vehicles will typically interfere with the music, though. This is not a problem with a Bluetooth helmet that provides noise cancellation and surround You can easily pair a Bluetooth helmet with an MP3 player or your mobile phone so that you can enjoy clear digital sound anywhere.

Of course, as with any other helmet, the primary design of the Bluetooth helmet is to keep you safe in dangerous situations. Having the Bluetooth technology in your helmet simply adds an excellent bonus for any rider.


Helmets Can Be an Investment in your Style as Well!

Need more reasons to not be an idiot and always wear a helmet when on your bike? How about the fact that they can make you stand out from the crowd!With all of the helmets on the market today that have been custom designed to look awesome while protecting you, it’s not too hard to find one that will keep you safe and look amazing at the same time!

With all of the helmets on the market today that have been custom designed to look awesome while protecting you, it’s not too hard to find one that will keep you safe and look amazing at the same time!
Resin Mohawks, chrome spikes and other features that you can add to an existing helmet are all options that can make a statement. With character designs from Batman to the Predator (a personal favorite of mine), you are bound to find something that you love that will keep your brains (even the little bit you might have) where they are supposed to be!
The pros for wearing a helmet every time go on and on!
What about helmets with built in tech like headphones that are Bluetooth linked to your phone? Hands free calling makes everyone safer, cyclists are possibly at the top of that lists! Heck, you can download software to your phone that allows you to speak your text messages, making you even safer! scalphelmets pic
And then of course there is the music while you’re cruising. Just be careful not to deafen yourself when you kill the engine because of how loud you’ve had to crank your tunes to hear it over the roar!

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Why wear a motorcycle helmet? Protect Your Brain!


motorcycle helmet broken

Hi people, vince here

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of wearing a helmet when on your bike.
It seems like a no-brainer (see what I did there?) to wear a helmet when cruising down the highway on your roadster or screaming down a backroad on your high cc sport bike. Despite this seemingly obvious necessity, a lot of knuckle heads still think they are cool enough to not need to mess up their hair.
Honestly, this kind of thinking isn’t just dumb; it’s just plain selfish!
How many things do we do without thinking about how it would affect others? Have you ever had to bury a friend or other loved one because they thought they were immortal? I have.
Make no mistake, not wearing a helmet doesn’t make you cool, it makes you an accident waiting to happen.

Here are 3 reasons to always, always wear a helmet:
1. Protect Your Brain! Even a low speed skid that ends in a laydown can do serious damage to an unprotected head. The last thing you want when riding your bike is to worry about being permanently disfigured or suffer a head injury that leaves you drooling on yourself.
2. Increase Your Visibility! Motorists from cars to massive cargo trucks don’t always think to pay attention to us bike folks. Wearing a helmet (especially a cool looking helmet) increase your visibility to other vehicle operators, which can save your life!
3. Protection from Road Debris! When was the last time you were driving your car, truck or other vehicle and had something suddenly crack into your windshield? Now imagine something moving that fast hitting you in the face while you are on your bike!